It's generally excepted that before the Pleistocene Ice Age, early humans migrated to the Americas through the Bering Strait region where Siberia is only a hundred miles or so from Alaska. Controversy continues as to how early the migrations began, and whether these early migrants used boats or walked across a land bridge that later flooded. We know that Asiatic traits filtered through Siberia into the American Arctic throughout the prehistoric period and have continued to do so among the modern Eskimo (Miguel Covarrubias 1954, p.150). 

In the groundbreaking book published by the late Robert Gordon Wasson and his wife, Valentina Pavlovna Wasson, titled Mushrooms, Russia and History (1957), the Wassons postulated the existence of a belief system, shared by both continents, (herein Old World & New World) that was so ancient that its most basic elements may have been carried to the New World with the first human settlers. The origin of this Pan American belief system, the Wasson's believed, was early man's discovery of the mind-altering effects of various hallucinatory substances found in nature, among them the Amanita muscaria mushroom. The Wassons surmised that our own remote ancestors worshiped and venerated a divine mushroom god perhaps 6000 years ago (Furst, 1972, reissued 1990, p.187).

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